Once upon a time, while I was working for id Software on Quake titles, I began collecting and presenting links to resources that game artists (including modelers, texture painters, environmental artists, and level designers) could use to learn new craft skills or just gain access to reference materials. The origin of these resource lists goes back to my involvement as a moderator and administrator of the forums at Quake 3 World. Fellow moderator, AstroCreep, initiated a resource thread on the Level Editing forum for Quake III Arena tutorials and resources. He started the thread because we found that we were answering the same questions for help over and over and over. The resource thread contained links to useful level design tutorials, tools, and repositories for maps, models and textures.

In turn, I created a similar thread in the model making forum for resources related to model making for Quake III Arena. That thread was later transferred to the forums at his personal site, Map-Center.com (now a part of the pixel dust of history) a site dedicated to promoting map making for a number of Quake III Engine games. This thread eventually grew to gargantuan proportions.

I began yet another thread at Map-Center containing resources for Texture (both for character models and environmental textures).

The following are final versions of these resource threads. I have not updated these threads in years and likely most of the sites are dead and gone and game art has moved. I present them here for historical preservation.

Jennell Jaquays

Resource Links

Model Resources: A listing of links to tutorials, tools, resources and References useful for making character and map models for games based on the Quake III Engine.

Texture Resources: A listing of links to tutorials, tools, resources and references useful for game textures. Primary focus is on textures for Quake III Engine games.

id Tech 3: the technology behind theQuake 3 Engine



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