GUILDHALL AT SMU - Guildhall at Southern Methodist University in Dallas is an intensive, graduate level program designed to teach a student what they need to know enter the computer game industry.
VIDEOGAME VOTERS NETWORK - Political organization created they the ESA to counter to rampant rise of politicians trying to censor games. Join and contact your Senator today!
Link to Sailor Ranko web comic
PVPONLINE.COM - One of the best online comic strip send-ups of the computer game biz.
SLUGGY.COM - Don't just jump into this outstanding web comic. Start at the beginning.
SFR-INC.COM - These guys are the current publishers of the Dragon Dice collectible Dice Game.
IDSOFTWARE.COM - Where I used to work as a level designer over 10 years ago. Yeah, that long ago.
BECKY'S BURGER EMPORIUM - Rebecca Ann Heineman's personal site. Rebecca is the programmer/designer of Bard's Tale III: The Thief of Fate and Dragon Wars (both published by Interplay). Bard's Tale III is currently on display in the Smithsonian Institute as the example of the best of the adventure game category from the early years of the game industry.
RICHDOUGLAS.NET - rich is a talented independent composer of music and audio effects for the digital game industry and new m edia production houses. His past clients included id Software, THQ/Paradigm, and Lightning Bear Studios.
CHIQ.NET - Camilla Koutsos is a friend and artist from New Zealand.
TODDLOCKWOOD.COM - Todd Lockwood was the last of my artist peers from TSR who still worked for WotC/Hasbro.
RANDYASPLUND.COM - Randy Asplund and I lived not too far from each other when I was freelancing. He taught me the nebula technique for space clouds that I used in several paintings.
HAUKSDOTTIR.COM - Carolly Hauksdottir and I both worked on contractors on the ill-fated Bards Tale IV project for EA -- she as cinematic artist, I as game content designer.
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